Choosing The Best Social Media Finale

As for the finale on choosing the best forms of social media series, we take a look at Blogging and Google+.  Social media is best used in conjunction with what your brand wants to accomplish.  That is to say that not all of social media will pertain to each company, which is a good thing.  It allows a company to isolate the ones that will work best.  It’s advised to find the channels that convey the company message most effectively and then manage those channels well.  On the contrary its worse to have lots of channels and manage each at half capacity.

Google +

Google+ is Google’s own in house form of social media.  For this reason, Google+ can drastically help your SEO efforts.  Google will tend to rank its own social media channel higher in search results as compared to other channels.  The easiest part about Google+ is the set up.  Chances are you probably already have an account without even knowing it.  If you have a Gmail account then Google has automatically set up a Google+ account for you.  The site is a community based idea where users, in this case businesses, can connect and engage with other people through what Google calls “circles.” Google+ is a just another way to extend your content out to potential consumers.  One feature that is unique to Google+ is the Hangout feature where users can engage in live video chat.  Businesses can use this to their advantage, gaining feedback and support for products or services.


Blogging is one of the best ways to enhance SEO for your company.  Blogs generally put out organic, original content, which is exactly the type of content that gets ranked higher in search results.  Individual blog posts can also be indexed by search engines like Google.  Blogging is a place to go farther in depth about anything the company wants.  For example a company can share news and insights about the industry or can share news about whats going on inside the company.  Unlike other social media channels, a blog can be built into a website allowing for more customization.  With a blog a business has more freedom to shape the content in whichever way they find most valuable.  Blogging has no set structure and is usually left up to how the company wants to express themselves.  However a necessary regime is to blog at the very least once per week. Anything less doesn’t fully unlock the potential of a blog.  The more the better, however when just starting, one original post per week can keep a company’s hands busy. Within blogging you can use many strategies ultimately giving you endless topics to write about.  

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  1. Belinda Summers

    Blogging + social media is a sure way towards online marketing success. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Stephen Wagner

      Thanks for reading Belinda! Couldn’t agree more. 🙂