Social Media Posting: It’s All About Timing


Have you heard about the latest challenges swirling around social media? Celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose posted some shocking imagery that went viral last week and inspired people to post their interpretations. Remember the Bow Wow Challenge, which … Read More

How Brands Are Capitalizing on Instagram to Promote Their Business


It’s inevitable. While watching that television show you need to catch up on, a commercial pops up of a celebrity promoting a product that is geared towards you. Celebrity endorsements are nothing new to viewers at home. From watching Selena … Read More

Repetition Is Redundant: Generate Fresh Content For Your Social Media


Don’t fret! With careful thought and creativity, keeping your social media content fresh and exciting will keep people interested in your business. So how can you keep your content fresh, real and engaging?   Post an engaging question: People love … Read More

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