Brand Journalism: Sharing Your Company’s Story


The marketing world is full of disorienting buzzwords. “ROAS.” “Snackable.” “Turnkey.” It’s enough to make you question whether or not you’re in a simulation.  One buzzword, however, is as legitimate as it is catchy: brand journalism. If you haven’t heard … Read More

Celebrate World Social Media Day on June, 30th 2022 with KWSM


Although social media has had a short life, it’s safe to say that it has completely changed the way that people interact with each other all around the world today. World Social Media Day comes each year on June 30th … Read More

How to Choose The Right  Influencers to Increase Brand Awareness


If you’re having trouble growing your social media presence, you may want to consider adding influencers to your marketing strategy. Influencers are a great way to help you get the word out and increase brand awareness. Influencer marketing is a type … Read More

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