Secrets for Success on the “New” Facebook

Gotcha. There is no “new” Facebook. It’s still the same platform you know and love. What’s really new is the way you use it. Like, comment, share, it’s all the same – but in 2017, you have to beat the … Read More

5 Ways Your Business Can Develop Effective Video Content for Social Media
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It’s no secret that video is everywhere. With a quick scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feeds, you most likely watch at least one video a day thanks to one of the greatest social media features ever: our BFF, Autoplay. … Read More

How to Prep Like a Pro For Your Next Facebook Live Event

Lights, camera, action! But, where is your audience, and why aren’t they tuning in? If used correctly, Facebook Live can serve as a powerful live-stream tool to help your business reach a larger audience. From sporting events and product launches … Read More

How to Use Live Video For Your Business

  Every social media platform seems to be concentrating on offering live content sharing! Most recently, Twitter announced its new live video feature that joins Instagram and Facebook when it comes to having live video capability. So if your business … Read More

Social Media Trends To Look Out For in 2017

Social media is always evolving. Looking at popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and you’ll realize how everything from the setup to the possibilities within the app has changed. With 2016 almost behind us, we’ve come up with … Read More

5 Tips For Your Next Facebook Live-Stream

Since its release, Facebook Live has become a well-used tool for businesses – and with good reason! The social network’s live-streaming capability makes it possible for businesses to reach audiences easily, spontaneously, and in a truly authentic way. It allows … Read More

The Most Important Social Media Trends This Year

To be successful marketing your company on social media, you must stay up-to-date with the latest techniques that are popular in the digital marketing space. Understanding how platforms change, and knowing which new ones emerge can put your business ahead … Read More

How To Get Paid To Use Social Media

Twitter partners with both the NHL and the NFL, Michael Kors is set to begin exclusives via Instagram, and a new way to get paid just by using social media! These are some of the social media stories in the news … Read More

4 Things Businesses Should Know About Facebook Live

Facebook is continuing to update its live video features, meaning more video broadcasting and more opportunity for businesses. It’s no secret that live-streaming has become a major social media element today: from Snapchat’s immediate video uploading, to Twitter’s sports streaming, … Read More

Twitter Serves Up More Live Streaming Sports

Twitter is continuing its push into the crowded live streaming space. The most recent event that the platform livestreamed was last week’s Wimbledon. The tennis championship was the platform’s first high definition TV event. While tennis fans enjoyed the event, … Read More

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