Social Media Takes Time

I like things that take time.  I don’t like things TO take time, simply things that require time to work, and work well.  Like a good wine, or composing a symphony, or mastering a skill, the best things in life … Read More

It’s Called Junk Mail for a Reason: Embrace Social Media

The United States Post Office has been airing some television commercials that remind people about the joys of receiving a physical letter.  One of them shows a person filing a bill at home and another one has a poorly placed … Read More

What is Your Alexa Ranking and is it Important?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about your Klout score and why it’s important if you work in social media.  Shortly after that post I had a conversation with a brand manager, who is also a blogger about Alexa. … Read More

So, How do You Make Money Blogging?

A popular internet meme going around last week showed people in their hobbies or jobs.  The diagram was broken out into six blocks with various interpretations of how people view what is done in the activity.  The truth, or what … Read More

Do you Blog for Traffic, Influence or Sales?

I recently had a conversation with another blogger and they were sharing some of their client’s concerns with me.  “My client isn’t seeing an immediate impact on sales from the blog and they are panicking”, my friend said.  That is … Read More

Why Should I Blog? | Blogging Advice

The team here at KWSM is all taking the Inbound Marketing certification course over at IMU, and the first session was about blogging.  Now, we’re seasoned experts with blogging (have you seen ours?), but we did get some pretty good … Read More

Is Local Business Not a Fan of Social Media?

A report from Pew recently revealed that a majority of people are using the internet to research local business.  However, far fewer are using social networking sites to get opinions on these businesses.  Pew is a reputable polling service.  However, … Read More

3 Tips for Better Business Blogging
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Blogging for your business can be one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use.  You can establish your expertise, get people to know you, and generate content that is easily shareable.  Here are 3 tips for making sure … Read More

Etiquette Between Businesses & Bloggers

Congratulations!  Your company has decided to finally embark on that blogger outreach program.  The research has been done, you’ve negotiated payment and are ready to start reading the posts.  Here are some finer points that may assist you in dealing … Read More

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