Case Study: How Lead Generation through Google Ads Converts Search Users into Prospects

case study lead generation pyramid logisticsAt KWSM, we specialize in creating effective digital marketing strategies that drive new business for our clients. One such client, Pyramid Logistics, had to pivot their business when the pandemic shut down the trade show transportation sector of their work. One year later, the trade show industry is picking up and Pyramid Logistics is looking to capitalize on the shift and bring in new business.

The Goal

Pyramid Logistics is a logistics and transportation solutions company that ships its customers’ assets with specialty equipment and care. Trade show transportation, a service paused by the pandemic, is one of the most requested services from Pyramid Logistics. With trade shows back on, our goal is effective lead generation for trade show transportation services through paid search ads.

The Strategy

The trade show industry is a considerable portion of business for Pyramid Logistics. When trade shows were shut down in 2020, Pyramid Logistics had to pivot to their other services, such as retail logistics and warehousing.  However, as soon as the trade show industry began to show signs of recovery, we crafted a digital marketing strategy to attract and convert leads in need of trade show transportation.

Google Ads

To attract the right audience to our website and get high-quality leads to take action, our team uses Google ads. Google places ads in front of people who are searching for specific products or services. With a well-crafted message, a company’s ad can be placed in front of the right person at the right time – as they’re searching for information. In the case of Pyramid Logistics, we used both text Google ads and call extension ads. Great messaging in combination with a mix of targeted keywords allows us to hone in on our target audience’s needs and interests.

Website Pop-up

Our goal in this campaign is to get leads to convert via the request a quote form. On top of our paid efforts, we redirect prospects searching for trade show information on the website with a pop-up feature. Our intention is to have this pop-up come on screen after 5 seconds of landing on a page. This is applied to all pages with the exception of the request form and the trade show information page. 

The Results

With our lead generation strategy, we have garnered almost 947,000 Google ad impressions and have produced a 60% increase in total conversions each month since implementation.

We are happy to be a part of Pyramid Logistics’ commitment to providing cost-effective transportation and help them bring in new clients.


megaphone92% of top-converting pop-ups on websites appear on a page after 4 seconds.

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