Business Marketing Ideas and Where to Find Them

Marketing MaterialsMarketing is such an important part of any businesses strategy. This holds true in today’s world, where having a great digital marketing strategy can help take your business to the next level. The world of digital marketing, however, can be a little confusing if you don’t know anything about it.  I mean it’s great if you have an agency dedicated to your business’s digital marketing (hint, hint), but it is also helpful to understand the different aspects of digital marketing. Here are some ways to learn and up your digital marketing game! 

  1. Podcasts 

There are a number of social media podcasts that talk about the many different parts of digital marketing. The majority of podcasts are not beginner friendly and usually talk about more expanded topics within digital marketing, so be sure to do your research on the podcast before listening so you don’t get confused. We would recommend this to people with moderate knowledge of digital marketing because you can learn how to utilize a number of new techniques to sharpen your digital marketing skills. 

2. Digital Marketing Classes 

Depending on where you are located, different organizations may hold in-seat social media classes. (Shameless plug; KWSM is holding a class in Atlanta June 26th) These classes typically are beginner-friendly and are a great environment for asking questions. 

3. Webinars

If you can’t devote time to an in-seat social media class, a webinar may be more your speed. These are usually beginner-friendly classes that can go over many digital marketing basics and best practices. These webinars usually come in a series, and searching through the topics is easy.

4. Certifications

Companies like Google and Facebook create classes with certifications to learn in-depth about digital marketing on their specific platforms.  Hubspot, an industry leader, also provides advanced and beginner certifications on things such as CMS for developers and content marketing. There are a number of courses that are available where you can learn the best practices and up to date information on how to make digital marketing work for you. 


90% of searchers haven’t made their minds up about a brand before starting their search.  Digital marketing can help you get in front of consumers ready to buy. 

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