Bringing Down The House (Wine)!

KWSM Happy Hour
Photo Credit: @KWSMTeam

At KWSM, we have regular in-house happy hours on Fridays. This means we shut the laptops, stop the work, and the entire team gathers in the conference room to sit and reflect on the week.

Sometimes we talk about work, and sometimes we talk about life outside of work, but every time, it’s just really fun learning a little bit more about who my coworkers are as people and not just professionals. (For the record, my absolute favorite topic was when we talked throwback photos, and Stephen revealed his old band photos to us, fauxhawk included.)

Last Friday during happy hour, we held a blind tasting party to determine the next house wine. The lineup consisted of three unknown red wines artfully labeled as Wine A, Wine B, and Wine C. We poured the wine, toasted each other, and tasted. There was a lot of discussion on whether Wine A, a Red Blend, or Wine C, a Syrah, was the better wine. Ultimately, after we tallied the votes, the Red Blend won in a landslide.

I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a wine person, so I happily declined when I was offered a glass. But I still appreciate that fact that my more experienced coworkers (Stephen is a certified sommelier, Andy worked as a professional chef, and Bethany just truly knows) still want to know my opinion on viscosity, tannins, and bouquets—whatever, those may be! Plus, it is nice that we get a vote in determining the wine we’ll be drinking for the next couple months (Thanks, Katie!).

So yes, even though I’m someone who isn’t particularly interested in any alcohol that doesn’t taste like it came from a juice box, I still have a lot of fun at happy hour. My coworkers make sure of that.

At KWSM, we work hard to make sure we do a great job for our clients, but it’s also nice to know that at the end of the day, we can celebrate our weekly wins and share how our weekends will be. Cheers to you, team. You guys are all rock stars.

Bringing Down The House (Wine)!


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