Benefits of Using Video on Landing Pages

Landing pages are used to bring your audience to a checkpoint within your business or organization. Ultimately, you hope to capture their information for remarketing or encourage a direct lead conversion. But how can you encourage them to move in the right direction? Video is one of the best ways to make your landing pages more effective. Here’s why:

Videos Are Entertaining

We are emotional creatures that respond to content that triggers an emotional response. Stories are an excellent way to tap into the emotions of your audience. Unlike plain text, messages delivered via video stimulate multiple senses at once and active are more likely to capture the audience’s attention. Once they are engaged, it’s much easier to direct the audience to take a specific action on your landing page.


Videos Speed Up the Trust Factor

While text also takes your audience through the “know, like, trust” journey, video does it a lot faster. Have you ever communicated with someone through email or texts, but you instantly feel a far greater connection when you speak in-person? Video messages work the same way! Text may deliver a message that slowly guides a brand-to-buyer connection, but video also provides a face and a voice. These factors make your message more relatable and promote a human connection with your audience. That connection is the catalyst that tips skepticism over the edge into trust


Videos Keep Visitors on Your Page Longer

It’s a no-brainer that video content can increase the amount of time users stay on your page. You’ve incorporated a form of engaging content that cannot be easily skimmed like text. If the video is entertaining, your audience is more likely to remain engaged even longer. This has the added bonus of potentially boosting your website performance metrics. The more time a user spends on your page, the more likely they are to feel connected to your brand, which increases the potential for conversion.


Videos Quickly Show the Benefits of Your Product or Service

Videos help you cut to the chase quickly, which is important for that portion of your audience that doesn’t feel like reading your copy. Use video instead of static images or written descriptions to actively demonstrate your product or service in use. Don’t just tell them, show your audience how their lifestyle, daily routine, outlook on life, and more could be positively transformed by using your product or service.


Ready to start using videos on your landing pages? The good news is that any business can implement this tactic. If you’re stuck on where to start, begin with a welcome message or a fun video explaining the product or service described in the ad or post that directed them to your page. Keep it short, engaging, and don’t forget to add a call-to-action at the end!


Using videos on landing pages can improve conversions by 86%.

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