3 Digital Marketing Tactics For Realtors
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As a real estate professional, it is well known that most potential clients turn to the digital world to begin their search in buying or selling their home. Your online presence serves as a way to present your personal brand, … Read More

Get Ahead on Your Holiday Marketing with Facebook’s New Guide

Christmas in July? According to Facebook, it’s never too early to start holiday planning.    As one of their longest-running and largest research studies to date, Facebook IQ has compiled a complete holiday marketing guide with over 30 dynamic insights … Read More

Instagram Story Stickers To Use For Your Business

Today, consumers have a world of resources at their fingertips to help them buy products and services online. As more brands establish a strong social media presence on Instagram, it’s not enough to only post on the feed anymore.   … Read More

How To Build Your Email List Through Social Media

As a business and a consumer alike, everyone knows how easy it is to hit the unsubscribe button. There’s a fine line between keeping your audience engaged and becoming “noise” in their inbox. This creates a challenge when collecting emails … Read More

How To Research Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

Analyzing your competitors’ online behavior is a great tool when creating and executing your own digital marketing strategy. What they do on social media can be used to find inspiration, learn from their mistakes and help your brand navigate the … Read More

KWSM Video Studio Day

At KWSM, our team is passionate about educating businesses about digital marketing and also providing resources that will enhance their online presence.   With events such as Social Media Bootcamp, our team is able to help small business owners learn … Read More

Best Practices For Your Brand’s Twitter Account

In the modern age of quick gratification and instant news, Twitter has been a dominating platform. If Twitter is the right channel for your brand, it can be an incredibly useful tool to connect with your audience in a more … Read More

How To Create A Facebook Event

Facebook Events are a great way to keep your audience aware of what your business is up to. When you create an event through Facebook, you are strengthening the relationship with your audience while increasing your reach to new users … Read More

KWSM’s 4th Annual Souper Bowl

At KWSM, company culture is an important aspect of performing our best as an agency. While we keep ourselves busy with executing our clients’ marketing initiatives, we also like to create opportunities to bond as a team. One of our … Read More

Facebook Is Merging Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp

As Facebook has taken over two other major apps (Instagram and Whatsapp), it’s efforts in more cross-communication are beginning to come into place.   Facebook has a plan to merge the three messaging apps within Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This … Read More

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