Always-On: Facebook’s Golden Goose

As social media advertising continues to get more sophisticated, professionals everywhere have Always On Golden Goosebeen seeing certain campaign strategies pay off more than others. More specifically, the data continues to show that an always-on advertising strategy could make a larger impact than you think. Case in point: Facebook’s unexpected shutdown last week.

Here’s a look at how a little extra work in the Ads Manager made a big difference:

Unable To Post

Last week, millions of Facebook and Instagram users across the globe encountered a problem with their accounts: None of their content was getting posted. Here at KWSM, it started with whispers of technical difficulties. By noon, it was evident that this wasn’t an isolated incident – Users everywhere were dealing with the same issue. While news feeds still showed off posts from previous days, nothing fresh was making it passed the much-feared error message stage.

Starving For Content

By now, you’re probably beginning to realize the severity of this issue. As users of the platforms, we’ve spent years becoming primed to the ins and outs of surfing social media. It’s a part of our daily routine, and just because there was a worldwide problem with posting, doesn’t mean our habits were going to change. As usual, the vast majority of users were likely still scrolling through on their phones and monitors, only to be exposed to stagnant content they’ve seen over and over again.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

With all of the same content being served, also comes a lot of boredom. There are only so many posts people will click on multiple times, and Facebook/Instagram users were getting antsy – looking for anything new that could catch their eyes. Largely, their searches ended in disappointment, with one BIG exception. Brands utilizing an always-on advertising funnel likely saw boosted engagement rates correlating to higher sales as more people clicked on their ads.

The Golden Goose

We’ve already discussed the benefits of establishing a funnel with your ad campaigns. What makes it so powerful when used in conjunction with an always-on strategy is that marketers can take a “set it and forget it” approach. For one of our clients, we had built a campaign two months ago which took audience members on a journey where they were exposed to multiple pieces of creative, advertising an upcoming event. The campaign was already running efficiently but during the content shutdown? It was a golden goose. Not only were people clicking on the ads more often because it was the only new content to cross their paths – They also bought tickets. A lot of them. We had our best sales day of the month, and our extra effort, in the beginning, led to a competitive advantage.

75% of current Facebook users access the platform on a daily basis.

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