8 Reasons Why Your Abandoned Cart Rate is High

8 Reasons Why Your Abandoned Cart Rate is High Believe it or not, the average abandoned cart rate is just under 70%. That means about 7 out of 10 shoppers will not follow through with their purchase or abandon cart for one reason or another. What gives and how do we fix this? Keep reading to gain insight on what might be holding your customers back from completing their checkout process. 


Extra Costs

The number one reason why customers abandon their cart is that they see the final tally and determine that the total is too much money. These costs may include tax, shipping fees, or convenience fees. In a time where Amazon prime has trained customers to expect free shipping in 2 days or less, shipping costs can be a major factor in decision making.


No Guest Checkout

Not everyone wants to go through the process of making an account on your website. For this reason, guest checkout is something that can be the difference between a customer converting and abandoning their cart.


Delivery Was Too Slow

Many shoppers will wait until the last minute to shop, so waiting for shipping is not always an option. Furthermore, if you can get the same thing on Amazon in 2 days then there is no reason to pay for shipping and/or wait longer. 


The Checkout Process is too Complicated

The check-out process should be easy and straightforward. Is it simple to edit things like email, shipping address, and items in your cart? Does your website help auto-fill customer information? Make sure these processes are seamless and don’t give your customer a chance to think twice before getting frustrated with lengthy steps. 


Website Seem Suspicious

If your user experience is a bit spammy it can lead customers to believe that your website should not be trusted with payment information. Your website should be secured and sophisticated in its checkout process.


Website Crashed

If you find that your checkout page is experiencing a spike in page exits this might be due to an error in the checkout process. Make sure something isn’t causing this page to crash over and over. This is one of the most frustrating things that can happen upon checkout. 


Bad Return Policy

Customers will typically do one last return policy check before completing a purchase. If this policy doesn’t meet their requirements then they will more than likely abandon the cart. Make sure to check the return policy of your competitors and make sure your return policy is just as good or better.


Trouble Submitting Payment

Offering financing options like AfterPay as well as a variety of payment options including American Express or PayPal can help increase your conversion rate and lower your abandoned cart rate.





The average abandoned cart rate is just under 70% meaning that 7/10 shoppers will not continue the checkout process.



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  1. Nick Stamoulis

    If your abandoned cart rate is high, it could be because of multiple issues. This is a great overview. You don’t want to make too many changes at once, though, or else you may not get to the bottom of the real problem.