5 Ways To Find Things To Tweet About

“Combine exciting, useful content with an engaging, unique tone to emotionally connect with your audience. Include links, pictures and videos. And remember to keep your Tweets prompt and timely—a crucial element for Twitter success.”

This is what Twitter recommends when tweeting as a business, and I could not agree more.

Here are some helpful ways to generate engaging tweets:

1. Tweet your blog posts. When you publish your blogs, make it a point to share the link and a blurb about the post on your Twitter    account. This will not only be engaging to your audience, but will help to drive traffic to your website.

2. Subscribe to LinkedIn Today. LinkedIn Today is a collection of important articles and blog posts about your competitors and industry. You can click on the ‘News’ tab at the top of your profile, then click ‘All Channels’ where you will be able to find a list of different industry-related topics to follow. Once you follow them, they will appear in your news feed and LinkedIn will send you a daily or weekly email with the top news. You can use these emails to lead you to articles that can be inspiration for tweets.

3. Search and Retweet. Use Twitter as a way of running searches for relative content. Choose tweets that you feel would intrigue your audience and retweet them. This will help to spice up your twitter feed and act as a networking tool to reach out to people that share your target audience.

4. Turn your about section into tweets. Go through your website and scan all of your pages. Pull out interesting facts about the services you offer and things that set you apart from other people in your industry, and use these as tweets. Make sure to link back to your website so you can draw traffic.

5. Use current events. Go through the popular trends section on your Twitter feed and see what is happening throughout the world. Get creative and try to incorporate these hashtags and events into tweets. The ‘Popular Trends’ feature is useful to get inspiration when you feel you don’t have anything to tweet about. Twitter is often used as a news resource for quick information on current events. Take advantage of this.

Coming up with phrases, facts, and thoughts limited to 140 characters that will engage your audience can be tough. Now you have 5 ways that will make the process a lot easier.







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