5 Ways to Add Holiday Cheer to Your Social Media

holiday instagram photo, holiday content examples, social media consultantWith Thanksgiving only two weeks away, we are officially in the holiday season. But of course you already knew that because all the stores have their decorations out, holiday drinks are being served at Starbucks, and lights are beginning to show up on homes and in shopping centers. Bottom line: everyone is getting into the holiday spirit right now. Which is why you should give your social media some holiday spirit, too.

By creating content that is holiday themed, you will engage your audience better. Since they are thinking about the holidays and everyone is talking about the holidays, they are more likely to interact with your content if you are talking about the holidays as well.

Cover Photo

Images are one of the best ways to instantly tell your fans and followers that you are in the holiday spirit. Updating your cover photo with something festive about your brand is a simple and easy way to build some cheer into your social media channels. Almost every channel has a cover photo, so it’s easy to create a festive one and use it across your entire social media presence. As you can see below, Nordstrom has updated their cover photo to include a picture of gifts.

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Profile Picture

Changing your profile picture is another way that you can make your social media presence more festive. If you use a logo, you could change the colors to be more festive, or you could add some holiday imagery to it (think Santa hat or holly). If it’s a picture of a person that is your profile picture, you could take another picture of that person, only with a holiday theme.

Blog Post

Write a blog post relating something about your business to the holidays. I guess you could say I am doing that right now, but it can work for any type of business. Figure out a way to incorporate the holidays and what people are talking about into your business writing.

Instagram Pictures

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than to take a series of holiday themed Instagram pictures. If you are a retail shop or sell a product, you should definitely be doing this. It will help people connect your company to the holidays (and, hopefully, get them to buy gifts from you). Also, just because the pictures started on Instagram, doesn’t mean they can’t be shared on other social media channels as well.

Holiday Contest

Lastly, having a holiday contest will definitely help engage your audience around a holiday theme. If you have a product, consider having people take pictures with the product somewhere and then share the picture with a hashtag of your choosing. Then, track the hashtag and choose winners based on the submissions. When you have the contest, be sure to promote it everywhere, including the previous suggestions – you could update your cover photo and profile picture to match. You could write a blog post to talk about the contest and you could share pictures on Instagram to help build awareness around it.

There are many ways to help add a little cheer to your social media presence, and it will help better connect your business with your fans and followers.

Do you have good examples of holiday content you’d like to share? We’d love to see it! Comment below to let us know about it.

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Photo Credit: @dreamordyestudio

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