5 Social Media Marketing Tools Your Business Should Know

When building out your marketing campaigns, there are a lot of tools at your disposal. Whether you’re cutting videos, designing graphics or developing a strong SEO plan, there are many free programs and sites that can help you create your marketing materials. Here are the most popular social media marketing tools your business should try.


Creating beautiful assets for your marketing campaigns can feel difficult when your budget is limited. You may not have experience as a graphic designer or a video editor. Or you may not be ready to build out that part of your team. Canva is a free content creation tool that every small business should know about. The platform provides templates for print and digital marketing assets to help guide you in your designing. There are stock photos, videos, and graphics to choose from and many tools to help you decide on your fonts, colors, and more. The video editor allows you to cut long-form videos, create slideshows, and turn videos into GIFs. It’s pretty much everything you need to produce quality social media content. Canva also has low-cost options that allow you to upload an infinite number of your own fonts, colors, logos, images, and videos.


Another very popular and free tool is Moz. This site offers free SEO tools like their keyword planner that allows you to develop a list of keywords to help drive traffic to your website. There are also many beginner guides to help you understand what SEO means and why it’s important to your website. If your business is really focused on additional SEO training and tools, Moz does offer academy training courses and additional paid tools that allow you to look indepthly at your domain authority, rankings against other sites, and additional tips for optimizations.

Google Analytics

Although Moz is a great place to start for clarity, Google Analytics is crucial to truly understand what’s happening on your website. The free tool from Google allows you to look indepthly at who is coming to your site, what they are doing, trends you should be aware of, and how each piece of content you are sharing is doing. To access this information, Google walks you through placing a piece of code on your site. Once that is set up, you can create goals to also track conversions like purchases, form fills, or downloads that are happening daily.

Google UTM Builder

Seeing what’s happening on your website is just half the battle of creating an effective marketing campaign. Google also provides a free tool called the UTM builder that allows you to put tracking links on your social content as well. Once your new url is created, you can head back into Google Analytics to see how many users clicked on your link, which platform they came from, how long they stayed on your site, and if they took any action. 


One of the most popular social media tools used by marketers is Bitly. We’ve all seen those three-line links that seem to just eat up our character counts in social posts. This website allows you to shorten those links, for free, and use them on any social platform. Bitly also allows you to track the analytics of these shortened links to see how well that piece of content is performing. If you choose to upgrade your account, you will also have the ability to create custom shortened links which work great in campaigns where links are visible.

There are many social media marketing tools constantly popping up that your business can benefit from. However, the key to an effective campaign is more than just using the right tools. It’s about developing a plan that meets the goals of your business and then executing that plan to get the best results.

megaphoneOnly 73% of marketers believe that their social media marketing efforts have been effective.

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