4 Types of Short Videos to Boost Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

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Short videos are growing in popularity across social media, quickly attracting the brief attention span of today’s online audience. As one of the top social media marketing trends for this year, videos are an in-demand form of content that will help increase your reach as well as educate your audience about your brand. Posting 30 second to one minute videos on YouTube and Facebook, or 15 second or less videos on Instagram will help your social media channels gain traction. Consider what type of video is best for your brand based on your goals and the nature of your business.

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An important part of telling your brand’s story is to communicate who you are and what your business is all about. If you’re a small business looking to make your brand relatable and more personal, videos are a great interactive tool. Try having an employee or your company’s founder speak to the camera, and be sure to include items with your business’ branding in the video. Explain your company values or give a fun fact about the history of your company – helping viewers connect with your business on a personal level. These videos should be about one to three minutes long, and are optimal for Facebook and YouTube.


If your business revolves around culinary topics, incorporating recipe videos is a must! Hyperlapsed (or time-lapsed) videos of recipe demonstrations visually capture attention and attract food-lovers all over the internet. For example, Tasty Food’s videos easily go viral and inspire internet users to make delicious recipes. For these types of videos, it’s best to create a hyperlapse of someone making the food and include captions labeling ingredients and measurements. Share these videos across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram! For Instagram, recommended video length is five to 15 seconds long.


Trying to market your business’ product? Depending on your product, you can either make a how-to video showing viewers how your product is used, or you can feature a person in the video using your product. When choosing someone to sample your product, choose someone who matches your ideal target demographic. If viewers watch someone similar to their age and interests in your video, they are more likely to consider using your product themselves. These videos work well across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


For fitness and travel brands, action videos are the best choice. Film an individual or group practicing what your brand offers, whether it’s a pilates workout or snowboarding down the slopes, these types of videos can be instructional and/or inspirational. Try creating a video with real-time video footage combined with hyperlapsed or slo-mo footage. These videos perform well across Facebook, YouTube, and especially Instagram!

For more video tips, be sure to review these best practices on YouTube.

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