3 Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate

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You have set up a website for your business, and you may be driving a bucket load of traffic to your site through social media, but how do you secure conversions? Driving traffic to your website is step #1, drawing them in once they arrive is step #2, and securing conversions is step #3. Whether that conversion entails purchasing an item or filling out a contact form, here some things to consider to make sure you don’t lose your audience during step #2.


Use Simple Language

Your website may appear visually beautiful to a user, but if the user cannot easily understand the language on your site, the language may turn them off. Online users have a short attention span; if they have to search through several pages on your website to better understand a basic grasp of your product or service, then your conversions can easily be lost.

An article on Search Engine Land attests to natural language in a contact form resulting in a 25-40% increase in conversions. These numbers reveal how greatly the simple detail of natural language can benefit users. Use basic terms for categories and consider your audience.


Don’t Invite the Use of Coupon Codes Without Any Coupons

Coupon codes are a great tactic to reward your loyal fan base with sales and encourage engagement, but be careful how you use them. Don’t just show coupon codes on your homepage, but be sure to fill them in for the customer at checkout! Users get distracted or frustrated when they reach checkout and see a blank coupon code or promotional box that they may not have noticed before and now have to search for. Filling in the code will allow them to stay on track towards completing their purchase, and with it, another conversion gained.


Change Your Call to Action Button

If your company’s conversion goal is to have users fill out a contact form to book an appointment with you, consider changing the language of your contact form. Include a call to action with language specific to your industry. For example, for a kitchen remodeling business, use “Book an Appointment.” It’s best to also have a broader option like “Email Us.” If you’d like more tips on how to increase conversions, learn how to improve your website as a whole.

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