3 Tips To Improve Your Brand’s Pinterest Account

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At first glance, Pinterest might look to be nothing more than a visually appealing collection of mouth-watering food, DIY décor ideas, and destination weddings galore. But don’t let that fool you! Behind all those pretty pictures is a network of more than 100 million users, eager to consume content – that’s over 100-million potential customers, right at your fingertips! It’s a powerful marketing tool that businesses shouldn’t be so quick to overlook. But for your brand to be successful on Pinterest, you’ll need more than a company page and a few boards showcasing your products. If Pinterest success is what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some best practices for pinning your way to the top:

Don’t Make Your Boards All About You

While it’s important to share your products and services, your Pinterest account should not be made up solely of your brand’s merchandise. You need to create a space where your ideal customer would want to spend time, with content that interests them and makes them want to see more. If all they wanted to do was browse your offerings, they could have visited your website. Remember; the purpose of Pinterest is not to showcase your products, it’s to showcase the lifestyle behind your brand.

Variety Is Key

Lifestyles are made up of many different aspects. If you were to describe your own lifestyle to someone, you would have much more to say than simply what you do for work. You’d likely mention your hobbies, interests, and values, etc. Every day, there are hundreds of things you do that make up your lifestyle. It’s no different when it comes to your brand. Not only will this give your audience a better understanding of who your brand is, but it also gives you more opportunity to grow your audience. The more varied boards you have, the more likely a user is to find content that they can relate to and interests them.

Pin Consistently

The more time you spend pinning, the more often you appear on your followers’ feeds and the more opportunity you give them to engage with your content. Spend some time everyday pinning original content that links back to your website and integrate that with re-pins from other users. If you have a lot of boards that need fresh content, don’t get overwhelmed. Focus your energy on two or three boards a day, rather than aiming to pin to all of them at once. Then, pick three new ones the next day. What’s important is that you are sharing quality and varied content often, making your brand’s presence known.

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