3 Thrilling Ways To Bring Your Social Event To Life

3 Thrilling Ways To Bring Your Social Event To LifeLarge events have the same nuts and bolts as small get-togethers. Imagine going over to a friend’s house for a BBQ and game night. As soon as you walk through the door you’re greeted by warm smiles and hugs, good music playing, a fire pit for some ambiance, and a few games to get everyone loosened up and having fun. The only difference events and get-togethers is the scale. When your business is planning its holiday events this season, utilize these tactics to help bring them to life.



Create Photo-Worthy Set Ups


Whether your business is hosting the event or you’re a vendor at an event, set up photo-worthy backdrops and décor that people will want to snap shots of with their friends. Even if a customer doesn’t make a purchase, they’ll still be able to interact with your brand and won’t have to leave empty handed. To take it a step further, come up with your own hashtag that involves a giveaway. Tell people that when they post their photo to social media and use your hashtag, they’ll be entered to win a product from your company.



Host Wireless Charging Stations


At events, hundreds of photos are always being taken and phone batteries will inevitably die. However, your business could be the safe haven that everybody seeks if you host a wireless charging station at your booth. Not only will you attract more and more people as the word spreads, but you’ll also have people exposed to your brand for a longer period of time. As they’re waiting for their phone to charge, give them some freebies or create a game they can play.



Incorporate Relevant Businesses


When you have relevant vendors that add to your event’s theme, it adds to your guests’ overall experience. Whether you have a face painter or a live band, choose vendors that will enhance your brand’s vibe and message. When your guests are able to have fun with different activities they’ll want to stay longer which means they’ll spend more time interacting with your brand.



Interactive Experiences


Creating a social media game for people to play at the event will get them more involved with your company and will associate you with fun memories. For example, you could create a fun scavenger hunt that gets people interacting with each other. If it’s a costume party, one of the tasks could be ‘find a Dracula and take a selfie.’ If they share that photo on social media, tag your brand, and use your hashtag, then they win a product from your company.


Events are a fun way to get people involved with your brand. Turn up the music and get the party started!

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