3 Strategies to Structure Your Company’s Summer Vacation Social Media Coverage

3 Strategies to Structure Your Company’s Summer Vacation Social Media CoverageWho doesn’t love summertime? You get to enjoy the beautiful weather, spend time with your kids while they are out of school, and most importantly, you’re looking forward to taking some well-deserved time away from the office to relax at your favorite vacation spot. Preparing to be away from the office can have its own struggles. It’s easier said than done to tie up time sensitive work projects into a neat bow and let everything else sit on your desk or in your email box until you return from vacation, right? But for those of us who work in digital marketing, communication is ongoing because a potential crisis is only one Facebook post away. Relax your mind, with these easy tips to ensure your company’s social media channels run smoothly while you soak up the sun.

Plan your content in advance

Vacation time typically means disconnecting from your computer, so it’s best to create and schedule your company’s content before you leave for that exciting snorkeling trip in Mexico. The week before starting a vacation is a great time to double up on social media content. Before you board the plane, it’s important to proofread, schedule and review each post to ensure it aligns well with your company’s brand.

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Adjust your boosting schedule

On social media, businesses often see their engagement level change based on the amount of money they spend on each post. Vacation time is a great opportunity to consider making adjustments to your company’s boosting schedule. Depending on your teammates’ schedules and workload, making simple tweaks to when you promote social media posts ensures your company’s social media followers aren’t left in the dark waiting on responses to their comments.

Verify staff coverage

Maybe you’re not the employee going to Mexico for that snorkeling adventure. Regardless, it’s important to assign someone the responsibility of monitoring your company’s social media channel while others are out of the office. Even if you’re not expecting much traffic on your channels, you still need a backup to jump in and put out any fires if issues arise. Even if your business is busy rolling out major events or working on deadline-driven projects, bringing on a digital marketing agency to work as an extension of your team can help.


It’s easy to burn out when you work in an industry such as social media that never stops. The easiest solution to maintaining consistent social media marketing is to turn to the experienced pros. An agency has a team working on your account at all times and can always be present. Does your business need to take a vacation from managing its social media channels? Learn how we can help!

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