3 New Facebook Features You Need To Know About

Social media is constantly changing.

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Every day, changes are being made to every social channel to improve the user experience. If you are not checking for the latest social media updates at least once a week, chances are that you are behind the times.

Facebook recently announced some updates that will be coming to a profile near you.

Embedded Video

Facebook is positioning itself to become a dominant player in the video world. Facebook is now allowing users to embed videos from Facebook onto their own blogs and websites.

This feature used to be fairly exclusive to YouTube, but now Facebook is positioning itself to compete better with the video giant.

Why is this important?

Facebook videos will now become searchable outside of the social media channel. This will allow more people to discover Facebook video content than ever before.

When you produce video content, you are creating another way that people can discover your brand online. Video is quickly becoming the most popular form of online content and creating videos gives your business a leg up over your competition.

Looks like the rise of video content is here to stay.

Subscribe Button For Events

Facebook recently added a subscribe button for page events. If your brand hosts events, this new feature is going to get you excited. The recent drop in organic reach has left event-heavy page administrators brokenhearted because fewer of their fans were seeing announcements about the events they were hosting.

The new feature aims to solve that problem. All pages on desktop and mobile now have a subscribe button on their events page. When a user subscribes to an events page, they will receive a notification every time a new event is created or updated.

A Facebook user’s friends will also be able to see which events they are subscribed to, the same way they can see what pages their friends have liked.

Business Messenger

Businesses will now have access to Facebook’s Messenger application, allowing them to have a real-time personal conversation with their customers. A business can embed this feature on their website and when a customer purchases a product they can sign up to connect with the company via messenger.

Businesses now have more opportunities to provide an even better customer service experience. Through the messenger app, a company can provide their clients with status updates, track shipping and more.

This feature is only available for a few select merchants, but you can expect it to come to your Facebook page soon.

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