3 Life Lessons You Learn From Using Social Media

The average Facebook user spends 6 percent of their day on social media. This number may seem shockingly high to most people, but for me it seems low.

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I spend well over a third of my day on Facebook and other social media channels. Before you start diagnosing me with severe social media addiction, I have a perfectly valid excuse- I am a social media manager.

Constantly using social media as a vehicle to help increase online awareness for multiple brands teaches you more life lessons than most would think.

Below are the life lessons that I have learned from using social media.

Learn One Thing New Everyday

In today’s technology-driven world, everything is constantly changing, and if you aren’t keeping up on the latest changes in your industry, then you are bound to get left behind.

Make sure you take time out of your day to learn something new. It can be reading a news article, listening to a podcast or watching a video, but you need to be constantly learning new information to stay ahead of your competition.

We live in the information age and the more knowledge that you harbor the farther it will take you.

I guarantee that if you set aside 15-30 minutes every day to learn something new about your industry, you will never get left behind.

What You Say Matters

Working in social media you quickly learn that what you say or write matters. People are going to read your website and Facebook posts and watch your YouTube videos.

They will listen to what you say or write and form opinions about your brand and content. Make sure that what you are posting online matches your brand values because that content will never go away.

What is posted on the Internet will always stay on the Internet.

Quality over Quantity

In the early days of the Internet and social media, you could get away with posting low-quality content. However, that is no longer the case, and people online are looking for high-quality content that will either educate or entertain them.

Whether your content is video, audio or written there needs to be high production value that goes into each. This doesn’t mean that you need fancy video equipment or a microphone (although it does help), but you need to put time and effort into making your content the best it can be.

You can learn a lot of valuable things from managing a social media channel. These are a few of the lessons that I have learned.

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