3 Instagram Accounts That Have Mastered The Art Of Fun

Social media is hard work, but at the end of the day it should be fun! Here are 3 Instagram accounts that have mastered the art of fun in their own unique ways:


Photo Credit: @shopbando
Photo Credit: @shopbando

The Whole Gang’s Here

The team behind ban.dō’s Instagram marketing knows their online community like the back of their hands. From confetti and roller skates to disco balls and smiley faces on everything, this LA brand may claim to specialize in gift accessories and apparel, but their real big seller is FUN in all capital letters. @shopbando sports a clean and colorful feed with punchy fonts and playful product shots, but it’s their cache of user-generated content that really sets this brand apart. By encouraging their followers to tag their photos with #bandofun, ban.dō has built up a social following–better known as the ban.dō girl gang–that actively submits photos and joins in on the fun daily.

You can follow ban.dō at @shopbando on Instagram here.


Photo Credit: @ohjoy
Photo Credit: @ohjoy

For The Whole Family

Designer, blogger, mother, and more, Joy Cho of the Oh Joy! Brand is known for a bright and colorful family-friendly aesthetic. The @ohjoy feed is littered with snapshots of daily life, Oh Joy! products, and treasured family moments. With an aesthetic that feels fresh and honest, Cho makes fun tangible in her feed by artfully balancing work and play all while staying true to herself and her brand.

You can follow Joy Cho at @ohjoy on Instagram here.


Photo Credit: @lizzie_darden
Photo Credit: @lizzie_darden

With A Side Of Word Play

Graphic designer and content creator Lizzie Darden is a self-certified pun-maker, and I’d like to second that nomination. Her Instagram feed @lizzie_darden may favor pink hues, but Darden’s quick wit paired with her eye for visual design packs more punch than the soft pastel shades may hint at. Darden masters pairing a caption with an eye-catching image over and over again, it’s simply fun scrolling through her feed while waiting to see what she comes up with next.

You can follow Lizzie Darden at @lizzie_darden on Instagram here.


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