3 Insanely Creative and Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Video Content

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With the overflow of competition out there, releasing different forms of content is an absolute must. Gone are the days when we can link to our website every few weeks and call it marketing. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are no longer just about a picture and a caption. You’re not in with the it-crowd—your customer’s that is—if you’re not posting audible content. Videos, tutorials, podcasts are what Facebook loves and it’s going to take your content to the next level. But we know time is of the essence, so we want to share a little secret with you. You don’t have to recreate the wheel. A video can certainly go a long way, especially when it’s informational.


Learn how to repurpose your videos to create new creative content.


Create Talk Time

Remove the imagery from a video and what do you get? A podcast is a great way to get your content on another platform for more people to learn more about your brand. Who would’ve thought, right? You can sigh with relief now because you don’t need to take another 30-minutes to record another discussion. If you host a weekly Facebook Live or YouTube series, good news, you have more than enough podcast content.

Go Giphy Happy

Customers respond well when you deliver a feeling and what better way to do that than to make them laugh. Catch a funny facial expression in your video and transform it into a gif. Eye rolls and throwing your head back laughing are always a hit! Pair it with a funny caption, and you have content gold. You can even turn the clip of the product into an eye-catching gif. There’s just something about these animations that make people want to look, and that’s exactly what you need!

Customers respond well when you deliver a feeling and what better way to do that than to make them laugh. Click To Tweet

Break Us of a Piece

If you have a 30-minute video interview or even a five-minute demonstration, don’t hesitate to cut it up. One video can turn into five weeks worth of content. You can even link to the full video on your site to drive traffic. Not many people will take the time to watch a 45-minute Facebook video, so taking a quick and captivating snippet of your extended video can give you better results.


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