3 Easy Ways To Make Your Content More Appealing To Website Visitors

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Getting visitors to your website is only half the battle. The real trick is making them stay, and even better, come back for more. Studies show that slightly less than half of visitors who land on a website page will leave the page almost immediately. So, how do you keep the attention of your visitors and get them to interact with your website? In this case, content is king. To attract and keep more website visitors, start by making your content more appealing.

Use layman’s terms.

The people in search of the information you are putting out won’t be experts. With this in mind, keep your content simple. Explain the information in a way that your audience will understand. Using technical terms or extensive explanations will most likely overwhelm the reader and scare them off. Instead, comfort your visitors and make them feel at ease by providing a simple explanation that they can comprehend. Not sure if your content is too complicated? Ask a friend outside of your industry to read the content and explain the concept back to you.

Don’t skimp on personality.

Of course, a professional website should have a professional blog, but that doesn’t mean your content has to be dry. Pepper some personality into your content by adding industry humor when appropriate. Think about the commercials you see on television. You are more likely to remember and talk about the humorous advertisements than any other type of ads. If humor is too much of a stretch, try creating content that is slightly playful or add in a little bit of banter. If you can get your readers to smile, they’ll likely remember where the information came from.

Add variety.

To give your website a competitive edge, create content that offers more than just words. What your content says is important, but to really engage website visitors, give them something more. Include photographs, infographics, and videos to support your content. Encourage interaction with questions for comment, quizzes, and polls. Provide your readers with any further information they could need, including links to other articles, suggested reading materials, and where to find further resources. The more you can offer your reader, the more you establish your website as a valuable source of information.

The people who visit your website have most likely landed there as a result of a search for information. Complicated and boring content will likely drive traffic in the opposite direction. In order to appeal to visitors and keep their attention, your content needs to do more than just provide the information.

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