3 Best Practices for LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the leading organic social network for B2B businesses. That’s why many business owners turn to LinkedIn ads to directly connect with decision-makers and make the sale. Although these social media ads seem promising, not everyone gets the results they are looking for. Usually, this is caused by missing the mark on a few key factors: audience, visuals, and messaging. Here are several LinkedIn best practices that help you maximize the effectiveness of your LinkedIn ads.

Define Your LinkedIn Ad Audience

Identifying who your target client or customer is makes all the difference in your marketing. Like other paid advertising, LinkedIn ads work best when they are delivered to the right people. You can set your LinkedIn audience targeting by looking at things like job titles, professional interests, groups, education, industry focus, and location. Start by narrowing down your audience by industry, seniority, and title. Next, think about which groups these ideal customers are spending their time on LinkedIn and add those into your search parameters. Your goal is to provide solutions to decision-makers that are most likely to take action from your social media ads.

Select Your Visuals

Since we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, your photos and videos are one of the most important pieces of your LinkedIn ad. Thankfully, LinkedIn gives businesses an almost limitless ability to craft the perfect ad with a variety of text and visuals. Unlike other platforms, this channel also does not have performance restrictions on text. Social media ads on LinkedIn that feature big, bold text have high conversion rates. The best way to do this is by creating a graphic with a colorful, bold background and include a short 4 – 5 word call to action. Using catchy photos or short videos is also an ideal way to captivate your audience. Whether you’re using a photo, video, or graphic, it’s crucial to use eye-catching content that makes users stop scrolling.

Create Your Message

Although it can be tempting to “sell” your product or service in your LinkedIn ads, you may not get the results you want. Instead, focus on solving a problem. Many businesses find success with using ebooks and blogs as a way to educate their audience while also drawing them back to their website. Using gated content like this allows you to start the conversation on LinkedIn, then gather your prospects’ email addresses to continue the conversation in a more personal environment. Additionally, your visuals and your messaging should work hand-in-hand. Start with the objective in mind for both your text and your visual and craft an ad from there. This will ensure that both your ad copy and your image or video deliver the same message.

Creating the perfect LinkedIn ad doesn’t happen overnight. Although it’s important to understand your audience and have an engaging ad, it’s more imperative that they fit your overall goals to achieve an effective digital marketing strategy. No matter what channel you are using, all of your content should work together. 

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