3 Best Places for Longer Posts on Social Media

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We’ve all been the victim of this social media misconduct: endless rants on Facebook. While the world’s most popular platform gives you the ability to write long form posts, it doesn’t mean this is the appropriate outlet for it. Reach the right audience and unleash your update without restrictions using these three platforms.


Blogs are no longer just for opinionated pre-teens; these digital diaries have transformed into a powerful tool for businesses to promote their brand further than the 140-character limit they’d be hit with on Twitter. While we suggest uploading blogs that are 300-500 words, you can theoretically write until your fingers fall off. A fantastic feature of blogging is you can share them on virtually every single social media platform. Simply construct a short post and include a link to the blog where interested users can learn more information.

Google Plus

Google is the most popular search engine across the globe so why not directly upload articles where people are searching? Keeping an active presence on the platform can increase your visibility and search engine optimization. While Google Plus claims to have no constraints, tests show after 100,000 characters an error message starts to pop up. To put things into perspective, this blog is 2,100 characters including spaces so you’ve got ample room for writing.

LinkedIn Pulse

Did your company just go public? Pulse about it! LinkedIn Pulse is an online publication where anyone with a LinkedIn account can share an update. Since LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site, sharing company news on Pulse will provide you with the ideal audience that genuinely wants to know how your business is doing. Pulse is also great for sharing expert tips that can build your company’s credibility and reach potential new connections. Posting articles is completely free, easy to use, and with a limit of 40,000 characters you’ve got plenty of space to say what you need to say.

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