10 Ways To Celebrate The Holiday Season Using Social Media


PC: @kraftgurl
PC: @kraftgurl

It’s the holiday season! And one of the best times of the year to celebrate giving on social media. So as the weather outside grows colder, huddle up to the warm glow of your computer screen and check out these 10 ways to celebrate the holiday season using social media:

1. Personalize Gifts With Pinterest

Unsure about what gift to get a friend this holiday season? Glean gift ideas off their Pinterest account by checking out what they’ve been pinning to their boards. They’ll be amazed that you knew exactly what was on their wish list.

2. Support Your Friends

Whether it’s an Etsy shop, a budding photography business or a fashion blog, we all have at least one friend who’s set up a fan page on Facebook. Like their page and show your support! Even if you’re not into what they’re promoting, it doesn’t hurt you to help grow their following for the time being (plus you can always hide their updates).

3. Endorse Your Favorite Coworker on LinkedIn

Give credit to those who’ve earned it! Do you have a standout coworker who knows a lot about marketing strategies? What about teamwork? Endorse a coworker or even a previous employer on their LinkedIn profile. They’ll appreciate it so much, they may endorse you in return!

4. Write a Yelp Review

We all have our favorite haunts when we’re hungry that we constantly rave about to our friends. Let your go-to restaurant know they’re doing a great job by writing them a well-deserved Yelp review! Your top eatery will appreciate the love.

5. Host a Giveaway

It’s the season of giving, so it only makes sense to thank your social media followers for their support by hosting a company giveaway. Your followers love your products already, and winning a freebie would make the season that much sweeter. If a giveaway isn’t right for you, you could offer a new special deal instead!

6. Spread Cheer With Holiday Treats

Use Pinterest to find recipes for baked goods to share with your friends and neighbors! Whether you’re looking for creative holiday-inspired treats or simply need to whip up a quick batch for the office party, the DIY-heavy platform will have the right recipe for you.

7. Perfect Your Playlist

In charge of picking the mood music for this year’s holiday party? Create a YouTube playlist with all your favorite seasonal songs! YouTube’s suggested videos will help you pack your playlist with fun festive tunes and music videos.

8. Do Some Decorating

Deck out your social media channel profiles by adding a seasonal banner featuring snowflakes or other festive colors! By showing followers you’re celebrating the holiday spirit too, they’ll see that your brand has a fun sense of humor.

9. Shake Up Your Greeting Card

Sending out a yearly holiday card is thoughtful and heartfelt by itself, but why not up your greeting game this year? Shake it up by lip-syncing to a holiday song! Upload the recorded video to your YouTube account and don’t forget to share it across your other social media channels.

10. Give Back

While these are all fun ways to celebrate the holidays, one of the greatest ways to take part in the season of giving is to simply give back. Do you have a favorite charity or organization that could use a donation? After making your own contribution, share their Facebook page on your own profile to let your friends know about the worthy cause.

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